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    February 13, 2020 by

    Forever Why would I want to live? When you are not with me; Is this some kind of ecstasy? Without you, my heart is in Million pieces; My soul cannot find itself; It ceases; Of emotions, my body is made up But without you;  It is fed up. Without you I won’t have glory; My life will be a devastating Blue story. Forever is our… Read more Continue reading FOREVER

  • An ode to the feminine voice

    February 12, 2020 by

    Silent?Why?You have a beautiful voiceRaise it and speakwith your chin up high But its too hardWith all these doorsShutting me out;Sewing my mouthlike tattered pieces of clothesThrowing my voice,on these ice-cold floors Your voice is like a flower;that needs care and nourishmentthe seed needs no supportto grow,it only needs some prolific earthonly some damp rainonly the radiant golden sunand a devoted caregiver. And that caregiver… Read more Continue reading An ode to the feminine voice

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